In the Wake of NAP 4: Have we Learnt Anything?

Over 25% of major airway events reported in NAP 4 occurred in A&E or ICU.

INCARNNET therefore chose to conduct a re-audit of Accident & Emergency and Intensive Care units across the Northern Deanery to assess for availability of emergency airway equipment and emergency airway guidelines.

Results were presented as a poster and short oral presentation at both the World Airway Management Meeting in Dublin on 13th-14th November 2015, and subsequently at the North of England Intensive Care Society (NEICS) Winter Scientific meeting 2015, where we are pleased to announce we won the award of first place for best poster!!!

An additional presentation was made to regional Intensive Care unit leads at the North East Critical Care Network (NOECCN) to help disseminate results locally. On the back of this a provisional airway guideline safety package has also been produced, which we hope to introduce to the units across the region from January 2017.

Many thanks to project leads: Dr Louise Swan and Dr Catherine Phoenix, and to Dr Laura O’Connor and Dr Caroline Smith who carried out the initial pre-NAP 4 study that this project re-audited.

Project contributors: Freeman Hospital – Sara Scott, Mark Callaghan; RVI – Lukasz Badek; James Cook – Tom Poulton, Andy McDonald; Northumbria – Clare Watkinson, Helen Doherty; QE – Abhik Guha; Sunderland – Mohamed Eid; Carlisle – Rajiv Ghose; North Tees – Rebecca Parker; Durham – Rachel Horner.

In the Wake of NAP 4: Have we Learnt Anything? (abstract)

In the Wake of NAP 4: Have we Learnt Anything? (poster)

NOECCN Airway Package Presentation (June 2016)

NOECCN Provisional Airway Safety Guideline Package